Saturday, March 6, 2010

My food obsessed friends...

After my last post, some of my friends suggested that I should include some of their favorite recipes and dishes into my blog. (actually they were more like demands than suggestions) As I am a good listener.. and friend, I decided to dedicate this entire post to them. In most cases I re-created the dishes they are so fond of, then I photogprahed them, and then I eat them!!! So, these are just for you, my food obsessed friends!!!

For Mihai (Milton Key, England), who's innovative and sometimes un-orthodox way of mixing and combining ingredients, makes him an outlaw in the cooking community now... but one day his recipes will become part of every kitchen.
Mihai's "Pistachio omelet" ... yes, those are pistachios!

For Wolfi (Bonn, Germany), one of my oldest friends. How long we known each other?... I'm not going to give any numbers, but enough to say that we used to play cowboys and Indians on the sidewalk in front of our house. Now he has a real craving for crepes.
Crepes for Wolfi

For Jon and Sherry (Arcadia, CA), who introduced me to Chinese dumplings, and showed me the proper way to eat one without burning my mouth. The secret: punch the dumpling with the chop sticks so all the hot air trapped inside the dumpling gets out, then eat it. The alternative, put the dumpling in your mouth, let it "explode" and burn your entire mouth, then finish the rest of the meal without being able to taste anything at all. Next, go see a doctor.
Shrimp Dumplings

For Ada(Castel Del Piano, Italy), who's meals are always magical!! Ada taught me how to make the best and simplest pasta sauce with only tomatos, garlic, basil, and olive oil. To this day I follow her recipe to the teeth, but somehow when she makes it is always better!
Ada's Pasta Pomodoro

For Claudio: The following recipe for the "real" Caprese salad was sent via email by Claudio: " MOZZARELLA DI BUFALA CAMPANA, fresh tomatoes sliced, only fresh basil (never PESTO), just a little of garlic cutt in small slices, salt, and abundant OLIO EXTRAVERGINE DI OLIVE . So you can write and eat ORIGINAL ITALIAN CAPRESE. BACI, CLAUDIO" Claudio's Caprese Salad
And finally for my brother, Calin (Sidney, Australia), who is secretly trying to turn me into an alcoholic by supporting me (and giving me detailed instructions) on how to make my own sour cherry liquor...two gallons at a time!!
Sour Cherry Liquor

PS. all the recipes are available upon request, and for a small fee!
If anybody else would like to have one of their "special" recipes photographed, please let me know.


  1. I love the recipes and the way you describe them. I can tell each person's personality just in a few short sentences. And, of course, I love Claudio's REAL CAPRESE, lol! BTW, those crepes are exquisite!

  2. Stunning photography! I can't wait to try these recipes. Is the Sour Cherry Liqueur...Visinata?

  3. May I recommend

    Also, how about Van's "lamb la protzap?"