Sunday, October 3, 2010

Arch Rock Fish, the quintessential fish restaurant in Santa Barbara

If you went to Santa Barbara and didn't have fish at least once, would be like going to Paris and not having croissants, or going to India and not trying curry. It's a must!
The question is where?
You can find a slew of places scattered on the pier or on State Str., some big, some small mom and pop, some offering a few really good dishes others offering a lot of mediocre ones.
BUT...if you want to experience a true fish restaurant, one that has a comprehensive high quality menu, you have to go to Arch Rock Fish!!!
Arch Rock Fish is the brain child of chef Scott Liebfried and business partner Jereamiah Higgins, owners of HJL Restaurant Advisers.
I met chef Liebfried a few years ago while shooting for Santa Monica Seafood Co. where he was consulting and developing the menu for their restaurants. We became close friends and over time I developed a great respect and appreciation for Scott as a chef. From the precision and dedication with which he runs his kitchen, to the creative and simple way he conceives and develops his menu and his dishes , Scott IS the quintessential chef!
Arch Rock Fish is opened every day and is located at:
608 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA. 93101

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