Monday, November 29, 2010

Molecular gastronomy...from AnQi Asian Bistro

"Molecular gastronomy is a discipline practiced by both scientists and food professionals that studies the physical and chemical processes that occur while cooking. Molecular gastronomy seeks to investigate and explain the chemical reasons behind the transformation of ingredients, as well as the social, artistic and technical components of culinary and gastronomic phenomena in general." Wikipedia

(click on each picture to enlarge)

1. "Champagne & Caviar" - nicolas feuilllate gelee, american sturgeon caviar

2. Kumamoto Oyster - yuzu lemonade air, soy mignonette, pop rocks

3. Hiramassa Crudo - sweet & sour tangerine sheet, beet sorbet, avocado

Current objectives: Looking for the mechanisms of culinary transformations and processes (from a chemical and physical point of view) in three areas:

  1. the social phenomena linked to culinary activity
  2. the artistic component of culinary activity
  3. the technical component of culinary activity
4. Ahi Tuna Nicoise - kalamata 'olives', 64*C quail eggs, haricot vert

5. Kurabota Pork Belly - kimchee consomme, freeze dried banana, peanut butter powder

6. Foie Gras Tarchon - cherry-yuzu gel, bacon dust, iced celery, 'instant' ginger-pineapple brioche

Example areas of investigation:

  • How ingredients are changed by different cooking methods
  • How all the senses play their own roles in our appreciation of food
  • The mechanisms of aroma release and the perception of taste and flavor
  • How and why we evolved our particular taste and flavor sense organs and our general food likes and dislikes
  • How cooking methods affect the eventual flavor and texture of food ingredients
  • How new cooking methods might produce improved results of texture and flavor
  • How our brains interpret the signals from all our senses to tell us the "flavor" of food
  • How our enjoyment of food is affected by other influences, our environment, our mood, how it is presented, who prepares it, etc.
7. Jidori Chicken Confit - himalayan black truffle, butternut squash, chanterelles, hazelnut brittle

8. Elderflower Parfait - tangerine tapioca 'caviar', rose merinque,jasmine sorbet, thyme fluid gel

9. Misoyaki Black Cod - garden vegetables 'a la greque', foie gras miso broth

10. "Looks like Tartare" - compressed watermelon, mango 'egg', dehydrated caper


  1. The photos are superb Alex. I love it! Were you able to taste each dish? If so what was it like?

  2. Hi Lala, yeah I got to taste all the dishes, and while some were spectacular other were just OK..That's why I love this job so much, I get to eat well..

  3. I just had AnQi's molecular menu last night, and it was quite the experience! I had many of the same dishes shown above.


  4. Great photos.Great ideas of serving caviar.looking so delicious.
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